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MetroLAN Home Service

MetroLAN also offers quality residential services to our clients residing in New York and New Jersey.  Contact us with any inquiries that you may have, one of our associates will get back to you quickly. 

MetroLAN Premium NETWORK CONNECT Service - One of our technicians will arrive onsite to:  Evaluate, configure and interconnect PCs, laptops, tablets and/or other network devices to customer supplied wireless router.  Service include:  basic router configuration, basic wireless device configuration, setting router password, checking wired and wireless connectivity, simple routing of network cables behind furniture, and basic network security setup.  Bonus one (1) free onsite adjustment within one calendar month included.

  • Service No. MTH023 - $65.00:  Evaluate, configure and interconnect up to three (3) PCs, laptops, wi-fi enabled network device, tablet, or network printer.
  • Service No. MTH025 - $80.00:  Evaluate, configure and interconnect up to five* (5) PCs, laptops, wi-fi enabled network device, tablet, or network printer.

MetroLAN Premium MAINTENANCE ServiceArrange for pick up or just drop off your laptops/PCs to have maintenance work performed.  Our technician will analyze network configurations then test for speed and connectivity, evaluate and test browser integrity/security and upgrade as necessary, clear system cache/temp files, defragment and optimize hard drives.  Perform OS updates as necessary.  Free basic scan for malware and viruses.

  • Service No. MTH091 - $25.00:  Maintenance service work for one (1) device.
  • Service No. MTH093 - $40.00:  Maintenance service work for up to three (3) devices.  $10.00 for each additional device.
  • Service No. MTH097 - $60.00:  Maintenance service work for one (1) device plus virus/malware removal.  Technician will advise if virus/malware infection is severe enough to warrant complete OS re-install.

MetroLAN Premium Laptop REPAIR Service
** - 
Arrange for pick up or just drop off your laptops to have basic repair work performed.  Our technician will evaluate then perform basic repairs including:  Attaching and anchoring detached laptop lid hinge, 
 attach and/or re-solder detached laptop power adapter jack, replace customer supplied LCD screen, keyboard, memory, or hard drive.  MetroLAN technician will advise customer if and when a particular repair will involve substantial work and/or expense, and will only proceed with customer acknowledgement.

  • Service No. MTH071 - $50.00:  Repair service for one (1) device.
  • Service No. MTH073 - $80.00:  Repair service for one (1) device above and  beyond basic repair work.

Important Notice:

* In some instances, wired installations of more than four (4) network devices may exceed the capacity of typical home network router which may only contain enough ethernet ports to serve only four (4) wired network devices.  For this situation, MetroLAN recommend that customers provide a network switch with four (4) to eight (8) additional ethernet ports to provide for multiple connections.  This does not affect connections using wireless signals.

** MetroLAN will be extremely cautious in performing repair work, but will not be responsible for any tool marks, scratches, loose trim pieces during the repair.

MetroLAN accepts payment at the conclusion of service in the form of corporate check, personal check, or cash.  A printed receipt/invoice will be provided to the customer.  Credit card and Paypal payment service coming soon.